Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Policy and Procedures Manual

Position: The President is the elected layperson responsible for all secular activities of the congregation. He acts through the other Officers and Board Chairpersons in behalf of and for the benefit of all members of the congregation by assuring the affairs of the congregation are carried out in an expedient and Christian atmosphere. Any actions that obligate the congregation must be approved or ratified by the Voters’ Assembly.

Requirements: Established by Constitution Article IV, must be an active Communicant Member and a Voting Member. Term of Office is from January 1 to December 31, not to exceed 3 consecutive terms.

Time Commitments: Approximately 8 hours per month. (More time if special activities arise, i.e. calling a new pastor, building project, congregational crisis.)

Voter’s Meeting: The President shall preside over all regularly scheduled and special Voters’ Assembly meetings. Regularly scheduled Voters’ Assembly meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the months of February, April, June, September, November, December. (2-3 hours per meeting, plus preparation.)

Church Council: The President shall preside over all regularly scheduled and special Church Council meetings. Regularly scheduled Church Council meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the months of January, March, May, July, August, October. (2-3 hours per meeting, plus preparation.)

Annual Budget Meeting: Meets between November and December Voters’ meetings. The current President calls the meeting and determines its date and time. The newly elected President presides at this meeting. (2-3 hours per meeting, plus preparation.) Agenda is at the discretion of the newly elected President, generally follow the budget worksheets generated by the Treasurer.

Agenda for Meeting: Voters’ and Council agenda is set forth in general terms by the Constitution (Article III). Using this guideline, the President should establish a specific agenda for each of the meetings he will chair. Informational copies should be given to the Congregational Secretary and Pastor.

Minutes of the Meetings: Minutes are required and taken by the Congregational Secretary. Voters’ and Council meetings are filed in the Secretary’s notebook and the church computer. The President should also maintain a copy of these for personal resource. The Church Secretary or Congregational Secretary can retrieve minutes.

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Roles and Responsibilities:

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Policy and Procedures Manual

Congregational President

  • Sign all legal documents on behalf of the congregation.
  • Be an ex-officio member of all boards and committees.
  • Be an ex-officio member of the Endowment Committee.
  • Responsible for appointing/replacing Officers and committee chairs not filled by theNovember election process or vacated curing the year. (Subject to Voterratification.)
  • Responsible for appointing the Auditing Committee in January, consisting of twovoting members and ratified by the Church Council or the Voters’ Assembly.
  • Responsible to appoint one voting member in January to the Procedures Committee.
  • Responsible to appoint three voting members in January to the Long-Range PlanningCommittee.
  • Responsible to appoint a male voting member to chair the Easter BreakfastCommittee (6-8 weeks prior to Easter).
  • Appoint special committees as necessary.
  • Responsible to appoint a congregational lay delegate each triennium to the MissouriDistrict convention. (Last convention 2003).
  • Responsible to recommend a Lay Delegate each triennium for the Synodicalconvention. (Last convention 2004). One lay delegate is elected from each circuit.

Outside Interfaces: The President may be required to act as the focal point for many outside organizations. Such organizations may include, but are not limited to, the following: Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF); District, Synod, City/State agencies; Thrivent Financial for Lutherans; Lutheran High School; Beautiful Savior Nursing Home. The President may appoint representatives to some of these organizations as requested.

Activities: No “Office of the President” activities or events; however, the President has the inherent responsibility to support all congregational sponsored activities.

Budget Line/Activities: None.

Resources: Orientation session (scheduled in December or early January) with the previous incumbent and other knowledgeable individuals as appropriate. Review previous minutes of Council/Voters’ Assembly meetings.

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