Position: The Board of Youth Ministry shall strive to develop an active, stimulating program
that provides a meaningful Christian environment for the youth of Holy Trinity.

Requirements: No requirements necessary to serve on this board. The chairman is elected by Voters Assembly in November of the preceding year. Chairman must be a voting member and attend or send a representative to all Voters’ and Council meetings. Term of Office for chairman is from January 1st to December 31st.

Time Commitments: The chairman will attend Voters’ and Council meetings, which are approximately 2 hours. Other time requirements vary depending on youth activities. Board chairman does not have to attend all activities, but must insure that there are at least two adult chaperoning each activity.

Voters’ Meeting:  February, April, June, September, November, and December. (2-3 hours per meeting plus preparation.)

Church Council: January, March, May July, August, and October. (Same amount of time as Voters’ meeting.)

Budget: Controls budget line item. Youth Ministry is typically allocated a quarterly amount from annual budget. Youth maintains its own checking account, controlled by Chairman or a delegate. Appropriate financial records should be maintained to demonstrate appropriate use of funds. Chairman is required to attend budget meeting in Nov and propose budget for the coming year.

Communication: Board of Youth Ministry maintain a bulletin board. Schedule and activities are announced via a monthly Youth Newsletter (sent electronically and posted in hardcopy), the Church monthly newsletter and Church bulletin.

Activities: Some traditional activities include:

  • Christmas cards to youth and out-of-town college students
  • Goodie bags for major holidays
  • Birthday cards
  • Secret Santa program
  • Annual Youth Christmas party