Position: The Board of Stewardship shall plan and implement projects and programs for the purpose of developing good attitudes among congregational members with respect to sharing their time, talents, and treasure to carry out the work of Christ’s Church.

Requirements: Members must be communicant members of the Church. The chairman must be a voting member and attend or send a representative to all Voters and Council Meetings. Chairman is elected at November Voters meeting, with a term of January 1st to Dec 31st .

Time Commitments:

  • Chairman will spend approximately 1 hour to prepare agenda and review minutes of last meeting and prepare items to be submitted to committee for approval. Monthly board meetings typically last one hour.
  • Voters’ Meeting: 2 nd Tuesday of the month-February, April, June, September, November, and December. (1-2 hours per meeting plus preparation.)
  • Church Council: 2 nd Tuesday of the month-January, March, May, July, August, and October. (Same amount of time as Voters’ meeting).

Responsibilities of this Board:

  • Provide articles for inclusion in midweek and monthly Church bulletins related to Stewardship
  • Yearly Pledge Drive (Late Oct and November)
  • Planning for Activities such as speakers on use of money, time, talents

Budget Item: This committee does not control any budget line items, but participates in November budget meeting.


  • District Training Seminars
  • Books, Videos or speakers from Synod
  • District Stewardship Notebook
  • Long Range Planning Committee
  • Previous Board members

Revised January 2007