Position: The Board of Christian Education shall plan and carry out the entire education program of the congregation.  The Board shall be responsible for fostering the spiritual growth and for providing Christian education opportunities for all age levels.  This Board shall plan, organize, and implement its own program.  This Board shall inform the Church Council before implementing any projects, programs, or program changes.

Requirements: No requirements necessary to serve on this board.  The chairman should be a voting member and attend, or send a representative, to all Voters’ and Council meetings.  Term of Office is from second week in January to December 31st.

Time Commitments: Board meetings last around 2 hours and are held once a month or as needed.  The chairman will attend Voters’ and Council meetings, which are approximately 2 hours (plus preparation time).  Board members are only required to attend the monthly meeting.

Voters’ Meeting: The chairman is required to attend the regular meetings of the Voters’ Assembly which are held during the months of February, April, June, September, November and December.

Church Council: The chairman is required to attend the regular meetings of Church Council which are held during the months that there are no Voter’s meetings – January, March, May, July, August, and October.

Agenda for Meetings:

  • Opening with devotional – prayer and/or Bible reading.
  • Discussion of matter most pending (e.g. Missions, Youth, Socials, VBS).
  • Committee Member Reports: Preschool, Midweek School, Vacation Bible School, Mission Work, Sunday School.
  • Close with Prayer.


  • Ask and call for the filling of vacated positions (i.e. Midweek Superintendent, Preschool Chairman, any educational chairmanship that is vacant).
  • Obtain committee approval for Library (educational books), educational materials for Sunday School teachers, choosing quarterly Mission Projects, and other duties as requested.

Budget: Required to attend budget meeting held in December.  Responsible for the budgets of Sunday School, VBS, and Midweek.  Preschool Board will come up with those salaries.

Activities Sponsored:

  • Confirmation (refreshments after Examination)
  • Teacher Appreciation Dinner (in June or  September)
  • Birthday Party for Jesus (after the Children’s Christmas Program).