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Congregational President

The President is the elected layperson responsible for all secular activities of the congregation. He acts through the other Officers and Board Chairpersons in behalf of and for the benefit of all members of the congregation by assuring the affairs of the congregation are carried out in an expedient and Christian atmosphere. Any actions that obligate the congregation must be approved or ratified by the Voters’ Assembly.

Congregational Vice-President

Assist the Congregational President in the performance of his duties and act in his absence. Report to the Voters’ Assembly on the actions of the Council.

Congregational Secretary

The Secretary of the congregation is elected to prepare a brief summary of Church Council and Voters’ Assembly meetings. These summaries shall be published and made available to the congregation in a timely fashion. Must have summary on the church secretary’s desk by the 3rd Sunday of the month.


Maintain the buildings, grounds, and equipment of the church in a manner that provides a safe, sound, and functional facility for the congregation and the guests.


The Board of Elders is responsible for aiding the Pastor in his pastoral duties at his request. They are responsible for watching over the doctrine, life and official conduct of the pastor, other workers and officers of the congregation and over the spiritual welfare of the entire congregation. The Elders provide for reverent and orderly conduct of worship services.

Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary is elected to keep track of all congregation members’ contributions, to take care of the Sunday offering counting, to prepare Financial Secretary report for Church Council and Voters’ Assembly meetings. Provide financial statements to members by the end of January.


The Board of Evangelism shall seek to bring the Gospel to the unchurched, to enlist congregational members in the work of spreading the Gospel, and to bring about an increase in the faith and evangelistic activity of congregational members.

Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education shall plan and carry out the entire education program of the congregation.  The Board shall be responsible for fostering the spiritual growth and for providing Christian education opportunities for all age levels.  This Board shall plan, organize, and implement its own program.  This Board shall inform the Church Council before implementing any projects, programs, or program changes.

Board of Stewardship

The Board of Stewardship shall plan and implement projects and programs for the purpose of developing good attitudes among congregational members with respect to sharing their time, talents, and treasure to carry out the work of Christ’s Church.

Board of Youth Ministry

The Board of Youth Ministry shall strive to develop an active, stimulating program that provides a meaningful Christian environment for the youth of Holy Trinity.